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As the healthcare delivery system continues to be more complex and difficult to navigate having an outsourced medical billing partner like Intrawin Techonologies has never been more essential. With Intrawin Techonologies as your revenue cycle management partner, your revenues will increase, your days in A/R (AR follow up in medical billing) will be reduced and you and your staff will be kept informed of all regulatory changes that can impact your ability to maximize your clinical efforts. Intrawin Techonologies software and processes provide your practice 95% first claims pass acceptance, 96% of claims paid in 30 days and 99% of payer claims collected which equates to a smoother revenue stream, better collections and increased profitability. Did you know that, on average, medical practices are underpaid approximately 14% to 23% of their gross revenues? That translates into $30,000 to $50,000 per physician annually. Don’t let that happen to you.


    The process of provider credentialing can at times be tough as well as extremely difficult as it requires lot of detailing. The tiny mistake can lead to application rejection hence causing unnecessary delays in payments and often the loss of revenues completely. Here comes Intrawin with a dedicated team to handle provider credentialing services only, to ease this process and can reduce the loss in faster duration.


    Medical claims have become a way more complex with changing modern days. Maintaining harmony with new advanced medicine, equipment and procedures, billing demands adhering to new compliance guidelines like HIPAA, ICD 10, EHR is challenging task, everyone needs to Push themselves for emerging latest mandates in the field of billing and to implement. This challenge overcomes only when team of experts are involved with a dedicated time given on it.


    Intrawin team understands ongoing coding changes as per CMS guidelines changes of ICD and update to provider this up to date knowledge on changes makes us to deliver the outstanding results that enhance the revenue.


    Intrawin offers an end-to-end healthcare denial management services that include AR follow ups, claims status checks, resolution of denied claims. Due to common habit of using terms claim denial and claim rejections interchangeably at office billing person as both are denial management processes. So, it is always difficult to decide between Rejections and Denials in the system. So, there are chances that because of this misunderstanding rejection claims becomes untraceable hence to avoid this we have a dedicated staff to look after process and identify between claim denial and claim rejections and track on both. Hence our execution cycle ensures denied claim has been received by the payor within time bound decided prior.


    Payment posting is a critical step of the RCM for any healthcare organization. As it is directly linked with revenue of the organization and patient’s satisfaction, efficiency, and overall financial performance of organization and RCM cycle hence lot of care and cautions required to handle it. We keep regular check on revenue stream which helps practice is to promptly catch potential issues and make corrections. we daily keep track on insurance payments from EOBs, insurance checks from ERAs, patient payments and more. And having an efficient payment posting system provides an efficient view of your day to day financial picture.


    At Intrawin, the AR management team is structurally set to work on complete solution and fix the difficulties that occur in cash flows. The goal here is to recover the funds owed to the client as quickly as possible. We focus on at accelerating cash flows and reducing the Accounts Receivable days by submitting error free clean-claims, proper analysis of denied claims and regular follow-ups with insurance companies and patients for outstanding claims and dues.